Creating your care plan

Care Plan

Every situation is different and care needs are individual. Therefore, at Treetops Care Services, we have a process to ensure that we create the best care plan for you that is tailor made based on your own individual needs, preferences and wishes.

The stages of creating your care plan are as follows:

  1. We will contact you by phone after your initial enquiry, to first understand what the need is.
  2. We arrange a visit in your home so that we can find out what your needs are and how we can help you. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and you may wish to have a family member or friend present.
  3. We create a unique care plan for your specific needs. You then review the care plan and can make adjustments before signing. Your carers use this plan so that you receive the exact care, delivered as you want it.
  4. You sign and agree the care plan. The plan is always in your home and you can make changes to it at any time.
  5. We agree to start care when you want us to start.
  6. Care begins. Your new carers will follow the initial care plan and if you have any agreed adjustments, they will inform the office and the plan will be amended.
  7. Ongoing review of care. Small changes and adjustments to your care are constantly monitored. For any significant changes, we hold a face-to-face meeting with yourself so that your care needs are always being met in the best way for you.

Responsive to feedback

We pride ourselves on the speed of responding to issues or feedback that requires changes. Our focus is that you are feeling well looked after and that your needs are being met. We send out a service feedback questionnaire every six months but feedback can be given at any time. We also extend this courtesy to our carers, so that they always feel well supported and enabled to give the best care.


All information that you share with Treetops Care Services Ltd is treated with complete confidentiality and respect, and all recorded and stored data complies with the Data Protection Act and  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you receive care from one of our franchise branches you are contracting directly with them and their individual limited company.  For the purposes of quality monitoring and checking compliance with our processes and policies Treetops Care Services will have visibility of client information including personal details, timings of calls, which carer is visiting and details of the care and support provided. Access to this information is done strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation.

If you or your spouse has a condition such as multiple sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease or Parkinson’s Disease which requires comprehensive care, putting a supportive care package in place will ensure that you can comfortably continue living at home.

Your wishes are paramount

We comply with the Mental Capacity Act. This means that your wishes are paramount and we provide the care that you wish to receive. We always listen to and respect family guidance, and we appreciate that input is well meaning but we do not (and cannot) override your wishes. 

Caring advocates, No obligations

We are here to support you and if you should choose, we will promote your wishes and liaise with your GP and any health care professionals. There are no obligations to proceed with a care package with ourselves, even after a home visit and a care plan has been recommended.

We are here to make this as easy as possible

TreeTops care managers are highly experienced, and have a wealth of knowledge about how best to support people who wish to remain living at home. They will make sure you feel comfortable with every step of the process and ensure you have plenty of time to make choices that are right for you. We are here to help you through this process, making it as easy as possible.